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Program Results

Average Weight Loss
Participants lost an average of 18 pounds.

Waist Circumference
Participants lost an average of 3.5 inches from their waist.

Systolic Blood Pressure
The average decrease in blood pressure was 8%.

Ketogenic Track
Lost an average of 22 lbs. per tribe member.
(9.4% body weight loss)

Low-Carbohydrate Track
Lost an average of 14 lbs. per tribe member.
(6% body weight loss)

Triglycerides – Average (Normal < 150)
Pre-program : 210 mg/dl
Post program: 147 mg/dl
Reduction of 63 mg/dl (30%)

Cholesterol / HDL Ratio (Normal < 5.0) Pre-program : 5.2 mg/dl Post program: 4.7 mg/dl Reduction of 0.5 (10%)

HbA1c : Diabetes Marker (Diabetes > 6.4, Prediabetes > 5.6)
Pre-program : 7 mg/dl
Post program: 5.8 mg/dl
Reduction of 1.2 mg/dl (17%)

Fasting Blood Glucose

Pre-program : 140 mg/dl
Post program: 122 mg/dl
Reduction of 18 mg/dl (13%)

What Providers Have To Say

Before I had enrolled in Dr Allison Hull’s wellness program, Well-being, a tribe planted with purpose, I had established some very bad routines. I was feeling tired, dealing with recurring reflux, and making all the wrong choices when it came to lifestyle decisions. Dr Hull and her team helped me go through the change step by step, with a lot of useful information that was delivered in manageable sizes. It wasn’t just a diet program, it was a holistic approach to wellness. Within 4 weeks my general fatigue, body pains, reflux all improved drastically. I was able to reframe my relationship with food, and lost weight, which was a great additional benefit. After experiencing this, i feel more capable of giving guidance to my patients who seek help with similar problems. I can’t recommend this program highly enough and hope everyone considers giving it a try. You just might surprise yourself, like I did. – Dr. Imran Kayani

As the radiologist that is reviewing all of the liver ultrasounds before and after entering the program, I want to highlight a point about improving fatty liver disease. I find it quite remarkable how many of these patients are reversing their hepatic steatosis in only 2-3 months. Additionally, even for those patients who did not have ultrasound evidence of steatosis, liver sizes are consistently decreasing which may indicate diminishing fat and/or glycogen content. – Sion Carter, MD

This program is amazing.  Dr. Hull’s passion for health and well-being needs to be shared with as many people as possible.  – Dr. S. Shah

“To say that the Well-Being program changed my life does not cover it.  The program provides a path to better physical and emotional states with a foundation in nutrition.  As a physician, I respect the evidence based decisions Dr. Hull has made to formulate this program and I believe this is why the program is a success for participants from inception, but even years after completion.” –  Sami Nallamshetty, MD

I have had firsthand experience watching my patients who have autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression with anxiety, and heart disease shed the pounds and get off of their meds that give them so many side effects. The unbelievable amount of energy these patients are able to regain is incredible! I have not had a single patient regret going through this program. This truly is the only program I believe in because it makes sense and it works and it’s just that simple.
– Dr. Davis

Connecting Your Practice to Well-Being: 

Connect your patients to Well-Being

We understand that each office operates uniquely.  We are here to help create the most streamlined workflow to refer your patients to Well-Being, including our Health Coaching Services.

To schedule an office review or order your marketing kit, please email:

Looking for additional resources to support your patients’ Low-carbohydrate/ketogenic journey?

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Who may not be a candidate for Well-Being?

Although a Low carbohydrate approach to nutrition can benefit most, there are some patients who our program may not a good fit for.  Special considerations should be made for the following:

Disordered Eating.

Familial Hyperlipidemia.

Pregnant women should only follow the Low Carbohydrate Path.

Those suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease will have adjusted protein goals.

Patients who are taking medication like Warfarin, will need to have close contact with their provider.

Patients who join Well-Being coinciding with a cancer diagnosis should seek approval by oncologist.

Patients post Cholecystectomy have done very well with both the Low Carbohydrate and Mediterranean Ketogenic approach presented in Well-Being. 

Patients who are below 18 years of age should follow our Low Carbohydrate Path, unless utilizing a Ketogenic Diet for disease management.

Another factor to consider is Readiness to Change.  If the individual is resistant to change and unwilling to put in the work, they may not be a candidate for the program.  Our team is ready to review the stages of change and help them identify if they are ready, and if they are not, we have options to help bridge the gap and begin the process of moving them from precontemplation to preparation.

Well-Being at the Workplace

Want to offer the Well-Being to your office staff?

Florida Medical Clinic Providers: Florida Medical Clinic has a business agreement in place with the Well-Being Program and has been offering the program to all FMC Providers and employees since its inception. Please reach out to Kelly at for details.

Non- Florida Medical Clinic Providers:  The Well-being is the prefect addition to any employee wellness program and because of our multidisciplinary approach, it can also stand on its own if no other employee wellness programs are present.

Employee Testimonials:

“This program has not only made me a healthy person, but a stronger friend and employee.  I joined a group of co-workers doing the program for accountability and it has changed my entire life”

“I feel so grateful that my company thinks enough about me and my family’s health to offer this program.  It’s not one and done – I am now part of this larger thriving Tribe”

To learn more, please reach out our Employee Wellness division via email: