Health Coaching

Take your wellness journey to the next level or continue with the support of one-on-one health coaching. Our health coaches take a client-centered approach that will allow you to create a framework leading to sustainable success. 

What is a Well-Being Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a “change agent.” Someone who helps you elicit your best thinking and decision-making to focus on what is truly valuable for you. Your health coach is aware that YOU know YOU better than anyone else. YOU are competent and complete, and if you do not currently feel this way, you will discover this too during your time with your health coach! 

Your health coach will offer support, accountability, and education when needed. Health Coaches have a broad knowledge base, but they are not simply a source of education – they ignite a transformation. Unlike when your doctor tells you, ” It’s time to lose the weight.” Your Health Coach may ask something like, “How would your life be different if you reached your weight goal?.” or “What about losing weight is appealing to you?”

The Foundation of our Coaching can be found in:

  • The Stages of Change (SOC)/ Transtheoretical Model
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Positive Psychology

What Does an Online Health Coaching Session Look Like?

During your health coaching session, YOU lead the way. Each session can vary significantly based on YOU and the areas you want to focus on during your time. As a Tribe member, you will gather several tools throughout the 12-week program that will help you better understand yourself and foster somatic awareness. For instance, Food Tracking applications, Our Motivation Navigator, and Thinking Road Map. Additionally, each week, we explore Mindfulness techniques to complement your personal growth and improved quality of life. We reference these tools and more during coaching sessions.

Your coach is there to ask the questions to help you identify what is important to you and what is possible for you.

Unlike when your doctor tells you, “It’s time to lose the weight,” your Health Coach may ask something like, “How would your life be different if you reached your weight goal?” or “Tell me more about this idea.”

The confidential conversation allows you to identify ways to best help yourself. When there is an honest dialog about what you want and why, when you are willing to get a little uncomfortable, let go of excuses, and be vulnerable, magic can happen! You will leave with action items used to strengthen your Well-Being Framework, and each session will build upon the last until you feel ready to move on from health coaching.

Frequent topics of focus during health coaching sessions:

  • Identifying your Purpose, and reasons why you are seeking health improvement
  • Working through the Motivation Navigator to help determine what motivates you best
  • Formulating a plan to employ your detours daily
  • Content clarification from one of the 12-week sessions
  • Reviewing Macronutrient Goals
  • Reviewing glucose readings
  • Reviewing ketone readings

We see that Tribe members who fully engage in the opportunity to meet with a health coach report greater overall success and satisfaction in the program. There is just something about connecting personally with someone who has your back and who see’s you and values you as the change-maker in the process.

Health Coaching

How Long is My Coaching Session?

When you become a member of our In-Person program, you receive three 15-minute coaching sessions during the 12 weeks.

Additionally, we offer 30 minute and 45-minute coaching sessions. The choice is yours, and you can purchase each session A la cart or purchase a package to use over time. You do not need to be a currently registered Tribe member to purchase coaching sessions. Well-Being Health Coaches do not provide chronic disease management or serve as medical providers.

Each 30-minute session is $50 or purchase 4 for $160

Each 45-minute session is $75 or purchase 4 for $275

What Can Be Gained From Health Coaching?

Your goals and so much more!  If you enter into Health Coaching with an open mind and are honest with yourself and your coach magic can happen. You focus on what is truly important you. You set and work towards goals with a solid game plan.  You have an accountability partner that is there with non-judgmental support and encouragement for you.  Your coach can also offer education, when needed.  You will be learning so much new information throughout the program and your coach will assist you with taking that knowledge, igniting your purpose, and helping you create your best life!

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What People Say About Us

I would encourage anyone interested in improving their health to join the Well-being program.  It truly is a great journey, and you are not alone.  The Well-being Team and the Tribe are there to teach, encourage and support throughout the 12 weeks and beyond.
Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and support!!!

– Angie

I have not had this much energy and clarity since I was in high school. The weight loss was a bonus!

– Jen

“I have been a Tribe member for about a year and have lost 70lbs. I started running and no longer get winded while playing with my kids.  Through Well-Being I have found a formula that works for me to stay happy and healthy.  It has been important for me to have people to share my ups and downs with, and it has been equally important cheering on and lifting up others.”

– James

“Before I joined this program, I was severely obese. I had given up on thinking that I would ever feel good again – that being in pain was what the rest of my life was going to be like. But that all changed and now, I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. I’ve lost over 100 pounds but to me that isn’t my biggest accomplishment. I measure my success with my health and the things that I can do now that I couldn’t do two years ago.”

– Dana

Thanks to Well-Being, today I am a 70-year-old Grandma that runs most every day, I eliminated 7 daily medications, am no longer pre diabetic, have a normal blood pressure of 115/70 with normal heart rhythm and have lost nearly 100 pounds. The best outcome of my transformation is being able to be active with my incredibly supportive family below and finding my purpose.

– Linda

I have had firsthand experience watching my patients who have autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression with anxiety, and heart disease shed the pounds and get off of their meds that give them so many side effects.  The unbelievable amount of energy these patients are able to regain is incredible! I have not had a single patient regret going through this program. This truly is the only program I believe in because it makes sense and it works and it’s just that simple.

– Dr. Davis

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