Changing Lives from the Inside Out

Wellness Courses and Coaching

We help you create a sustainable path to support your individual health goals.

The Well-Being Program will help you foster your somatic, or physical awareness in order to optimize your metabolic, cognitive, and emotional well-being. We utilize mindfulness tools coupled with available technology so that you can identify how your current and newly formed habits affect your well-being.

Let Well-Being empower you with the skills necessary to optimize your health and longevity.

Evidence Based

A low-carbohydrate nutritional approach has proven to improve metabolic health, prevent chronic disease states, and treat multiple disease processes.  Reducing carbohydrate intake lowers blood glucose levels, therefore reducing insulin resistance.   Impeding insulin prevents the catalyst of multiple disease processes and inflammation.  Emerging science continues to identify conditions positively impacted.

Multidisciplinary Approach

To truly live and be well, we must optimize all pillars of health.  A healthy diet alone is not enough.  We must address how we think, feel, move, sleep, and relate with others.   Our comprehensive, 12-week program empowers our members to thrive in all areas wellness. Learn more about our approach here.

Sustainable Behavior Change

Well-Being connects our members to meaningful, long-term behavior change. Our 12 week curriculum ignites the science of somatic awareness.   How do foods, stress, environment, movement and relationships affect how we feel, eat and live?  Through our education, cognitive behavioral therapy training, biofeedback techniques, accountability support, and data derived from tracking tools, we equip our members to create sustainable change to transform lives from the inside, out. Learn more about our collaborative research here.  

A Purpose Ignited

When we collectively seek a common goal, it ignites a purpose far beyond ourselves. The success of each tribe member creates a wake of change through our community connection.  With each program session, a donation is provided to local organizations chosen by our Tribe members. The dollar amount is determined by a variety of successes achieved by our members.  To date over $14,500 has been donated.  See more about our community impact here.





Your Well-Being Tribe 

In the Media

Check out the full-length version of Dr. Hull’s recent appearance on Episode 135 of “The Be Well by Kelly” podcast, as well as several other podcasts, videos, and interviews in our “In the Media Section”.

Our 12-Week Curriculum

01. Starting Line Measurements & Identifying The Ideal Human Diet

Meet the team and discover the ideal human diet.

02Goal Setting & Gut-Healing Foods

Learn the science of behavior change, set goals, think successfully, and begin healing from the inside.

03Mastering Detours & Debunking The Mystery Of Our Dietary Guidelines

Discover how to avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating and stay on track.

04Understanding Nutritional Ketosis

Learn how ketones improve your health and  strengthen your efforts.

05. Eat This, Not That: Choosing A Low-Carbohydrate Or Mediterranean Ketogenic Eating Plan

Learn the ins and outs of low-carb eating.

06. Tracking & Navigating Your Plan

Learn how to read food labels, track your food, and navigate restaurants.

07. Fasting: Alternate Day Eating And Time-Restricted Feeding

Discover how fasting can improve your mental well-being and maximize your health.

08. Moving For Life

Optimize your wellness through a physically active lifestyle.

09. Stress, Sleep & Balanced Living

Create and maintain well-being in a busy world.

10. In The Kitchen

Learn how to make healthy meals with a busy life.

11. Food As Medicine

Use food to strengthen your mind and body.

12. Finish Line Measurements & Leading The Way

How to transition to a continuous well-being lifestyle.

What People Say About Us

I would encourage anyone interested in improving their health to join the Well-being program.  It truly is a great journey, and you are not alone.  The Well-being Team and the Tribe are there to teach, encourage and support throughout the 12 weeks and beyond.
Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and support!!!

– Angie

I have not had this much energy and clarity since I was in high school. The weight loss was a bonus!

– Jen

“I have been a Tribe member for about a year and have lost 70lbs. I started running and no longer get winded while playing with my kids.  Through Well-Being I have found a formula that works for me to stay happy and healthy.  It has been important for me to have people to share my ups and downs with, and it has been equally important cheering on and lifting up others.”

– James

“Before I joined this program, I was severely obese. I had given up on thinking that I would ever feel good again – that being in pain was what the rest of my life was going to be like. But that all changed and now, I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. I’ve lost over 100 pounds but to me that isn’t my biggest accomplishment. I measure my success with my health and the things that I can do now that I couldn’t do two years ago.”

– Dana

Thanks to Well-Being, today I am a 70-year-old Grandma that runs most every day, I eliminated 7 daily medications, am no longer pre diabetic, have a normal blood pressure of 115/70 with normal heart rhythm and have lost nearly 100 pounds. The best outcome of my transformation is being able to be active with my incredibly supportive family below and finding my purpose.

– Linda

I have had firsthand experience watching my patients who have autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression with anxiety, and heart disease shed the pounds and get off of their meds that give them so many side effects.  The unbelievable amount of energy these patients are able to regain is incredible! I have not had a single patient regret going through this program. This truly is the only program I believe in because it makes sense and it works and it’s just that simple.

– Dr. Davis

I lost 45 pounds and kept it off for over a year by continuing to follow the program. Thanks to Dr. Hull… it is a positive new way of life.
I have more energy. My bloating has disappeared. My clothes fit again. I feel lighter and my joint pain is gone. Moving is easier.  My anxiety has dropped. …. I like and crave vegetables now. Food actually tastes good. I actually like the way I feel when I am fasting.  
-Elizabeth V.
Where do I begin? This journey has been challenging, exhilarating, enlightening, LIFE ALTERING for me! … I have gained so much knowledge about how to take care of my body, my brain and feed my soul as well.
– Katherine R
My non-scale victories are unbelievable! Normal A1C and no more Metformin, no more anemia, Wedding rings fit again, less aches and pains, and sleeping better!
– Kathy
I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and 1-3″ in different body areas. My taste has changed and … I feel better. 
I lost 26 pounds and counting, lost nearly 7 inches in my waist, inflammation from rheumatoid issues has decreased significantly, control over IBS. I’ve learned how to silence my inner critic.